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Somewhere Road: How it all began...

For when you're lost, that's where you're found.

There’s a gazillion different versions of the idea that the “road to nowhere leads to somewhere" or however you prefer that saying to go.

I’m going to tell you this little story about a version I know… 

Two lost angels who were burnt out from the day ins and outs of Los Angeles escaped to a place where the outside world couldn’t find them. They didn’t know where they were gonna go but they knew they really liked wine, they really liked a good road trip, they really loved music and they kinda really liked each other.

So, they escaped in pursuit to find a little “treehouse” to hide out in for a simple moment in time.  Shockingly, someone else had the idea for a treehouse and that was taken.  They ended up finding a barn in the middle of a vineyard instead.  A cozy barn with a wine and cheese basket waiting for them right along a dirt path which was surrounded by lush green vineyards where they could wander freely without expectations, without a plan, without the world needing them to be anything other than who they were in that moment in time.  They weren’t running towards the next to-do on the list but instead content in roaming in this unfamiliar place.  It’s in this open space where they decided to be free enough from the chains that weighed them down to have fun… FUN, such a simple idea but the older we get the more we forget what this feels like.  

There was one main goal in all of this… to, simply, smile.  That’s it.  To smile.  And with that, to feel alive.  To rediscover a piece of self that had been buried down for so long.  


It was here where they were granted the freedom to just exist amongst a vineyard that became their playground. 

And, yes, in case you’re wondering this is a story of my husband and I shortly after admitting how strong our passion was for one another. And this is where we knew we had found something special.

For me, I discovered my version of “the road to nowhere leads to somewhere” upon a dirt path in the middle of a vineyard in Napa Valley wine country. 


 With an old tape camcorder in one hand and a glass of red wine in another,I was filming him and in that moment when we were able to just exist, to just be, to just roam- we discovered something quite magical.

That place, that little dirt path sparked an invaluable belief that was yearning to be discovered.  For me, my version of that road to somewhere or the path to nowhere concept that we he have heard so many versions of for so long is this:

The road to nowhere is actually somewhere… it’s Somewhere Road.


It’s a place I discovered within a space we needed to be allowed to stand in and realize it’s in these moments of that which, whether or not they make sense to the outside world, they make sense to us and this space in itself is somewhere.   And it’s the idea that a road can exist, a path on our journey in this lifetime - it doesn’t have to be a start and finish point but can be a space within itself and that is a place to stop once & awhile and just exist in the moment.    

Somewhere Road may not be one specific destination we can all go to and meet up to exist in one single spot and physically hold a piece of to guide us thru unknown times.  But when you think about all the things we need to bring us out of the dark - mindfulness, prayer, meditation, music, love - we can’t hold those things, we can’t hold our thoughts and feelings in the way you would a tangible object… but we don’t need to actually hold them in the palm of our hand because we believe in the idea of them to such a empowering place that we naturally believe in what we physically cannot see.  And that same feeling and same belief and same approach is why I wanted to create a space where anyone who can resonate with the core meaning of Somewhere Road can feel they belong. Inclusiveness. No judgement. To feel you’re not alone but embrace and accept that we all feel “lost” sometimes, in who we are and what we’re meant to do in this life, and that is a beautiful place to be.


It seems like such a hard thing, yet it’s such a simple thing to recognize that sometimes, we just need a moment to BE with our own self without the rest of the world yelling at us to do what they want us to do and be who they want us to be.  To just live for a moment without the cages or the restraints.  To breathe and discover and roam as children are allowed to imaginatively wander.  And, in that moment, to remember that it’s ok to be lost… just also, be found.  Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere 

It’s a powerful place to be.

XO, Nicole

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