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Hello, World!


Here's the lowdown - 


I was tired of feeling stuck.  


So, I created a space to be free  to roam.  


Welcome to Somewhere Road. 


Who am I?  Well, I'm a dreamer who got lost in life's reality.  


The idea of "Somewhere Road" may have been born along a dirt path within a vineyard in Napa Valley wine country - but what it's evolving into is such a beautiful space to exist & we are thrilled to have you be a part of this community. 

If you found your way to Somewhere Road, I believe there's a reason you are here.  I sure hope you will join us on this journey. 

XO, Nicole 

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Who are we?


Well, don't think we're gonna give you all the goods right now!  But the "CliffsNotes" version is - we're two friends who met in college, wandered down our own roads until life revealed a bigger plan & our individual paths crossed again along this beautiful journey in time.  

On paper, we're like ying / yang but also living proof no matter our stories, we're so much more connected than we know.  But in order to ever begin to know another, you have to find the strength to share your true self with others.

We both know what it's like to wear a painted smile & mask the hard parts of life from the world to see.  But we also know the strength that comes from owning your story & doing the work to get out of the darkness & back into the light.  

One of us has been through that journey. 

One of us is still going through that journey.  

And because of it, Somewhere Road is a new adventure we are embarking on together because we bring two different perspectives, two sides of the coin & aren't afraid to have real conversations about the topics in life so many don't want to talk about.


This is us, holding out our hands, welcoming everyone & anyone ready to start showing up for their life to have a safe space to talk about our human experiences in this lifetime.  


This is us, inviting you, to come take a walk...

down Somewhere Road. 


Co-Host & Creator of Somewhere Road

A seasoned TV / film producer & published author, Nicole Danielle is the Visionary & Co-Founder of Amazing Crazy Productions.  A passionate storyteller, Nicole is focused on creating inspiring content in hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Having spent most of her career telling other people's stories, Nicole finally realized perhaps the most important stories she could ever tell just happened to be her own.   Nicole's debut memoir, "Diamonds Beneath the Darkness" debuted as a #1 Bestseller & is the first installment of her 3-part self-discovery memoir series "Life Thru Lyrics"... which chronicles Nicole's own "journey to become."

As the mom of 2 young boys with autism, Nicole is not only an advocate but a champion for authentic voices.  It is because of her children that Nicole has found the strength to reclaim her voice & speak - so others know they are not alone. 

Nicole's Website: 



Co-Host & Creative Contributor

Meghan Vitti is a Strength and Mobility Specialist based in New Jersey. She has owned Raw Strength and Mobility for the past 17 years and thrives on helping others “step into their light.”


As someone who “lost their shadow” at the age of 10, the ability to find success through hard work at her sports and art kept enough strength in her subconscious to always “be better then her feelings.” She knew she was here for more. Her business not only helps the clients meet their physical goals but also helps to adjust their mindset through positive actions. 

If you're ready to "Level Up" in all aspects of your life, there isn't a more dedicated & fierce person to help you get there!

Meg's Website:  

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the do-ers

the wanderers

the believers

Get Lost.  Be Found.  

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