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Coach Meg here to give you a healthy dose of motivation to kick-start your week!

We hope all of our friends out there had an happy & safe 4th of July weekend!

As we kick off this new week, we just wanna give a reminder to check out last week's podcast episodes of Somewhere Road! Our conversation with our first guest ever was so incredible & so powerful that we realeased not one but TWO brand new episodes! Episode 7 & Episode 8 ("Breaking the Stigma, Part One & Part Two: Unveiling the Truths of 'Mental Health' with Trauma Therapist, Erika Saviano") are available for you to listen and we encourage you to go check them out before this week's episode drops because they are EPIC!

And with that, it's a new Monday & Meg has a new dose of motivation to kick off your week!

"Commit to the process.

Detach from the outcome.

Engage in the present.

Let go of the future.

Take this moment seriously.

Meet where it leads lightheartedly."

Wishing you a beautiful Monday & let's make it an incredible week! We will see you again on Wednesday when our newest episode of the Somewhere Road podcast becomes available, followed up again on Thursday with a a new "Stories from the Road."

And keep those listener questions coming! We LOVE them & have been addressing them all. Can't wait to share!

If you'd like to connect with us, you can email us at:

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