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Coach Meg here to give you a healthy dose of motivation to kick-start your week!

We've made it to July, friends! (How is it July already?!). A new month. A new week. And we're back with a dose of motivation from Meg to kick off the month of July & give you all a little something to think about as we journey through the final 6 months of 2024.

"Forcing connection is forcing alignment.

Forcing alignment is forcing attachment.

Ego seeks attachment.

Soul seeks connection.

You'll never have to force anything that aligns with you.

What's meant for you will feel natural, peaceful & connected,

not forced, chaotic & attached."

It shouldnt' be so hard. If it is, perhaps it's not what your SOUL is really needing. We're all about connection here on Somewhere Road, it feeds our souls. If you'd like to connect with us, you can email us at:

We've got 6 podcast epsidoes out in the world! Make sure to catch up before Episode 7 drops this week on Wed July 3rd. Have a great Monday... and see you Wednesday for another walk down Somewhere Road.

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