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Coach Meg here to give you a healthy dose of motivation to kick-start your week!

"After getting what you manifested,

ask for discipline to keep it

and wisdom to multiply it."

Just a little dose of motivation to kick off your week!

Last week's podcast episode of Somewhere Road was equally as fun as it was impactful! If you haven't yet listened to Epiosde 5, "Workweek Whirl: The 4-Hour Fable & the Flip Side of Ambition," take a listen because there's some takeaways you may wanna hear for your own life.

Join us for another walk THIS Wednesday, June 26th, for Episdoe 6, "Evolving Beyond Fear: Embracing Change in the Journey of Life."

See you then!

Oh, and don't forget to submit your topic or annonymous questions for upcoming episodes via

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