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Coach Meg here to give you a healthy dose of motivation to kick-start your week!

"If you have to sacrifice your voice to 'keep the peace,' it's no longer peaceful.

You're internalizing the chaos instead."

Just sit with that for a moment. Somewhere, along the road...

If you haven't yet listened to last week's podcast episode of Somewhere Road, it's not too late to catch up before this week's convo on "Hustle Culture." Episode 4 is available now on yoru favorite platform, "Family Ties & the Carousel of Connection: Beyond Bloodlines to Chosen Bonds."

Join us for another walk THIS Wednesday, June 19th, where we dive into "Hustle Culture" & address a new listener question LIVE on the pod! ;-)

See you then!

Oh, and don't forget to submit your topic or annonymous questions for upcoming episodes via

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